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  • What if I need someone in my office?
    Unfortunately I will not be able to assist you as I work remotely.
  • Why is your hourly rate seemingly higher than an employee?
    You’re actually saving a lot of money by working with a fellow business owner instead of an employee. Here’s a few things you don’t need to fork out on; insurance, hardware, software, desk, holidays, pensions, HR and so much more. The hours I work for you are dedicated work hours, and therefore you are not paying for lunch breaks and office chit-chat! You’re not just saving money but stress and hassle too.
  • Is there a minimum amount I need to spend every month?
    The minimum requirement is only 1 hour per month! If you have not worked with a VA before, I would suggest starting with fewer hours per week and then moving on to a package should you require more work.
  • What is your notice period?
    As you are paying in advance, there is no notice period. If there is anything with which you are not satisfied, I will be happy to discuss it and resolve the issue as soon as possible.
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