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Community Management 

Community management for your business can enhance client engagement, facilitate knowledge sharing and networking, and contribute to client retention and loyalty. Building a strong and supportive community around the coaching practice can be a powerful strategy for both the coach and their clients. I will ensure that your community is happy and you can focus on coaching. 

Website Creation & Management 

Your website should be easy to navigate for potential customers or clients. Creating and maintaining a website can be time consuming! This is where I am able to lend a helping hand.In addition to creating a website for you, I am able to add the SEO (search engine optimisation) for your website, ensuring that you are found when your ideal client is searching for your services. 

Email Management

Are you inundated with emails and your inbox feels like a never-ending sequence of to-dos? I'll take care of your email inbox, respond to current clients, as well as potential clients' queries. The quickest way to lose a potential client is to not respond!  In your spare time you will be able to focus on more pressing tasks for your business. 

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Client on boarding 

I will assist in streamlining your onboarding processes, improve communication, and focus on delivering high-quality services to your clients, answering any questions that usually are time consuming!This allows you to scale your business more effectively and provide a better overall experience for your clientele.

Content Creation

I will aid you in diversifying your content. This diversity helps in catering to different audience preferences and consumption habits. I am able to assist you in creating email copy, blog posts, Instagram grid posts and Pinterest pins. 

Project Management 

I'm a Type A, and love a good spreadsheet. I'll ensure project milestones are met, keep you on your toes if needs be, track progress and ensure your focus remains on delivering high-quality coaching services to your clients.

Lead Generation

Growing your coaching business requires a lot of outreach and  engagement. This can be time consuming. I will  engage potential clients, share information about the  your coaching services, and nurture leads through personalized communication.


Need more than one service? See my packages available. 

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Email Management & Client Onboarding 

Website Management & Content Creation

Studies show that on average 28% of the work day is spent on email. That is almost a 1/3 of your day! 

This is how I can help you:

  • Checking emails twice daily (am & pm- 30 minutes)

  • Responding to emails 

  • Creating & managing folders

  • Filing emails into relevant folders

  • Flagging emails that require urgent response

  • Onboarding new clients 


Consistency is key when it comes to content. 

This is how I can help you:

  • Update plugins

  • Create 1 x  weekly blog post

  • Responding to comments and questions on/via your website 

  • Update images

  • 5 x Instagram graphics per week

£700 per month ( available Monday- Friday)
*Please contact me if you would like a website built. 

£850 per month ( checking emails twice daily Monday- Friday; onboarding clients Monday- Friday)

Client Onboarding, Lead Generation & Community Management

Other Packages

Happy clients are loyal clients! 

I can help you by: 

  • Onboarding all new clients, answering any questions they may have 

  • Manage community and foster a sense of belonging & camaraderie 

  • Lead generation. Outreach to potential clients, answering questions & setting up discovery calls for the coach. 

Do not see what you are looking for? Please email me

£900 per month ( available Monday- Friday)
*Please contact me if you would like a website built. 

If you would like a custom package, please contact me

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