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How it Works

Working with me is actually cheaper than having your own employee.


How and why?!


When working with me, you are only charged for the actual hours I work. Therefore if you have 5 dedicated hours a week from me, this is actual time spent working. You are not paying for lunch breaks, chit chat as well as any of the below costs: 


  • Insurance

  • HR costs

  • NI / Tax

  • Sick pay

  • Pension

  • Holiday pay

Step 1 

Decide with what you require help (see my list of services)

Step 2 

Email me your requirements and I'll set up a quick zoom call to see if we're a good fit. I will then send you a proposal. 

Step 3 

Agree on tasks I will complete for you as well as deliverables

Step 4 

Send me your task list and I will get started! 

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